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Charles Welliver, MD Core Curriculum Committee
Julian Wan, MD JU Editorial Board
Samuel L. Washington, III, MD JU Open Plus Editorial Board
Henry Hyunshik Woo,MD JU Open Plus Editorial Board
Stephen B. Williams, MD, MBA, MS Judicial & Ethics Committee
Adam Weiner, MD Medical Student Education Committee
James S. Wysock, MD New Technologies & Imaging Committee
Adam Weiner, MD Public Media Committee
Charles Welliver, MD Public Media Committee
Kara Watts, MD Quality Improvement & Patient Safety Committee
Dana A. Weiss, MD Research Advocacy Committee
Shenelle Wilson, MD State Advocacy Committee
Charles Welliver, MD UCF - Prostate Health Committee
J. Christian Winters, MD Update Series Editorial Committee
Hadley W. Wyre, MD Urologic Video Education Committee