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Gold-Headed Cane Award

The inspiration for the AUA Gold-Headed Cane Award dates back to a highly respected tradition that began in the 17th century. The gold headed cane was first carried by Dr. Radcliffe from 1689 to 1714 and it accompanied him on many consultations in London, England. He was known by royalty for his medical skills and was considered an outstanding practitioner. Dr. Radcliffe was the first to pass the cane along to a successor whom he considered to be the greatest English physician of his time. AUA continues this tradition by presenting a Gold-Headed Cane Award to a senior urologist distinguished by outstanding contributions to the profession profession and to the AUA.

Recipients of the AUA Gold-Headed Cane Award are:

[photo-Muhammad S. Choudhury, MD]2023 Award Winner
Muhammad S. Choudhury, MD

For a career dedicated to the education and training of urologists in the United States and Bangladesh

[photo-Julio M. Pow-Sang, MD]2022 Award Winner
Julio M. Pow-Sang, MD

For a superlative career dedicated to advancing urologic oncology, resident education and physician development

[photo-Sanford Siegel, MD]2021 Award Winner
Sanford Siegel, MD

For tireless efforts to improve urology practice and support prostate cancer research and awareness

[photo-Daniel J. Culkin, MD]2020 Award Winner
Daniel J. Culkin, MD

For tireless advocacy encouraging outreach to underserved rural populations and patients with spinal cord injuries

[photo-R. John D'A. Honey, MD]2019 Award Winner
R. John D'A. Honey, MD

For pioneering work in endourologic procedures and educating a generation of residents and fellows in minimally invasive urology.

[photo-George W. Kaplan, MD]2018 Award Winner
George W. Kaplan, MD

For excellent work in the treatment of children with urologic diseases and mentorship in educating future pediatric urologists.

[photo-John J. Mulcahy, MD, PhD, FACS]2017 Award Winner
John J. Mulcahy, MD, PhD, FACS

For outstanding dedication as an academic leader, a mentor training multiple generations of urologists and an outstanding innovator in urologic prosthetic therapy.

[photo-Paul H. Lange, MD, FACS]2016 Award Winner
Paul H. Lange, MD, FACS

For an outstanding career of academic leadership, mentorship and innovative contributions to the fields of urological oncology and endourology.

[photo-Gilbert J. Wise, MD]2015 Award Winner
Gilbert J. Wise, MD

For dedication and service to the AUA, specifically as president of the New York Section of the AUA, for training a generation of residents and for contributions to the treatment of fungal infections and tuberculosis of the urinary tract.

[photo-Robert E. Donohue, MD]2014 Award Winner
Robert E. Donohue, MD

For many years of outstanding contributions in urologic oncology, resident training and as historian of the South Central Section of AUA.

[photo-Pablo A. Morales, M.D.]2013 Award Winner
Pablo A. Morales, MD

For a lifetime of dedication as a teacher, a mentor training a generation of young urologists, a founding editor of Urology and an outstanding urologist.

[photo-Randall G. Rowland, M.D., Ph.D.]2012 Award Winner
Randall G. Rowland, MD, PhD

For outstanding contributions in urologic oncology, urinary diversion, and education of urologists through AUA courses and throughout the world.

[photo-David T. Uehling, M.D.]2011 Award Winner
David T. Uehling, MD

For outstanding contributions in investigations of urinary tract infections and clinical expertise in pediatric urology.

[photo-William W. Bohnert, M.D.]2010 Award Winner
William W. Bohnert, MD

For devotion to patient care and outstanding contributions to the American Urological Association.

[photo-Stephen C. Jacobs, M.D.]2009 Award Winner
Stephen C. Jacobs, MD

For innovation and leadership in the field of laparoscopic donor nephrectomy and resident education.

[photo-Roger V. Haglund, M.D.]2008 Award Winner
Roger V. Haglund, MD

For over 40 years of dedicated service to urology in Health Policy, AUA Finances and as President of both the South Central Section and the AACU

[photo-Terrence R. Malloy, M.D.]2008 Award Winner
Terrence R. Malloy, MD

For leadership as a President of the Mid-Atlantic Section and significant contributions to the AUA Office of Education

[photo-Eugene C. St. Martin, M.D.]2007 Award Winner
Eugene C. St. Martin, MD

For his devotion to lifelong urological learning, resident education, creation of the Eugene C. St. Martin M.D. Endowed Professorship in Urology at Louisiana State University and leadership in the AUA Southeastern Section

[photo-John C. Prince, M.D.]2006 Award Winner
John C. Prince, MD

For many years of excellent service on AUA’s governance Committees, dedication to the growth and leadership of the Western Section.

[photo-Ruben F. Gittes, M.D.]2005 Award Winner
Ruben F. Gittes, MD

For a lifetime of work as a teacher, author, and renaissance urologist, training and educating a multitude of urologists along the way.

[photo-William L. Parry, M.D.]2004 Award Winner
William L. Parry, MD

For a distinguished academic career and many years of dedicated service to the American Urological Association.

[photo-Ralph A. Straffon, M.D.]2003 Award Winner
Ralph A. Straffon, MD

For outstanding contributions as a leader in renal transplantation and renal arterial surgery, whose efforts greatly expanded the specialty of urology.

[photo-R. Dixon Walker, III, M.D.]2003 Award Winner
R. Dixon Walker, III, MD

For outstanding contributions in pediatric urology whose efforts expanded the specialty, and for serving as associate editor of the Journal of Urology.

[photo-James H. DeWeerd, M.D.]2002 Award Winner
James H. DeWeerd, MD

For leadership and lifelong contributions to the science and practice of urology

[photo-Lester Persky, M.D.]2002 Award Winner
Lester Persky, MD

For many years of dedicated service to the American Urological Association by serving as Secretary and President of the North Central Section; dedication to resident training; and contributions in adult and pediatric urology

[photo-Charles E. Hawtrey, M.D.]2001 Award Winner
Charles E. Hawtrey, MD

For outstanding contributions to his profession and to the American Urological Association.

[photo-Hal K. Mardis, M.D.]2001 Award Winner
Hal K. Mardis, MD

For his dedication and service to the AUA by serving as president of the South Central Section as well as his work on ureteral stents.

[photo-Harry C. Miller, Jr., M.D.]2000 Award Winner
Harry C. Miller, Jr., MD

For his distinguished service as an outstanding clinician, academician and teacher in urology and as a Section Representative to the AUA Board of Directors.

[photo-John W. Weigel, M.D.]2000 Award Winner
John W. Weigel, MD

For his distinguished service as an outstanding clinician, academician and teacher in urology.

[photo-W. Lamar Weems, M.D.]1999 Award Winner
W. Lamar Weems, MD

For his years of distinguished service to the profession of urology.

[photo-Andrew W. Bruce, M.D.]1998 Award Winner
Andrew W. Bruce, MD

For his years of distinguished service to the profession of urology.

[photo-Roy Witherington, M.D.]1997 Award Winner
Roy Witherington, MD

For his dedication to patient care and commitment to the highest standards as a physician.

[photo-Charles A. Hulse, M.D.]1996 Award Winner
Charles A. Hulse, MD

[photo-Samuel S. Ambrose, M.D.]1995 Award Winner
Samuel S. Ambrose, MD

[photo-Peter L. Scardino, M.D.]1994 Award Winner
Peter L. Scardino, MD

[photo-Robert A. Garrett, M.D.]1993 Award Winner
Robert A. Garrett, MD

[photo-W. Dabney Jarman, M.D.]1993 Award Winner
W. Dabney Jarman, MD

[photo-John D. Young, M.D.]1992 Award Winner
John D. Young, MD

[photo-George R. Nagamatsu, M.D.]1991 Award Winner
George R. Nagamatsu, MD