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Certificate of Achievement Award

The Certificate of Achievement Award was presented 1992-2008 to recognize lifetime career achievements in urology. Some of the indications for consideration were excellence in leading residency programs, research, department coordination, conducting seminars, national activities through the AUA and international activities. This award has been replaced by the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Recipients of the AUA Certificate of Achievement Award are:

[photo-Georg Bartsch, M.D.]2008 Award Winner
Georg Bartsch, MD

For establishing and leading a world-class research laboratory that has yielded many important advances in urologic oncology, most recently in the area of molecular biology

[photo-Kenneth Kropp, M.D.]2008 Award Winner
Kenneth Kropp, MD

For over 35 years of dedication to the care of children with urologic disorders, especially in the areas of myelodysplasia, incontinence and end stage renal disease

[photo-Richard G. Middleton, M.D.]2007 Award Winner
Richard G. Middleton, MD

For 35 years as the Chief of Urology at the University of Utah and numerous contributions to both the national AUA and the AUA Western Section

[photo-Michael Marberger, M.D.]2006 Award Winner
Michael Marberger, MD

For longstanding achievements and contributions to medical literature in Austria and an international diplomat championing the field of Urology.

[photo-Thomas P. Ball Jr., M.D.]2005 Award Winner
Thomas P. Ball Jr., MD

For outstanding achievements in Urology including years of service to the AUA as a Board member, committee member, and contributor to the Update Series publication.

[photo-George W. Drach, M.D.]2004 Award Winner
George W. Drach, MD

For outstanding achievements in Urology: including service as president of the AUA Western Section, president of the American Board of Urology, and strengthening AUA’s relationship with the American Geriatrics Society.

[photo-John M. Barry, M.D.]2003 Award Winner
John M. Barry, MD

For outstanding contributions to research, patient care in renal transplantation, and advocacy for the role of the urologist in transplant surgery.

[photo-Alan B. Retik, M.D.]2002 Award Winner
Alan B. Retik, MD

For superb achievements in research and treatment of pediatric urological disease and his role in the establishment of Pediatric Urology as a distinct discipline

[photo-Gilbert Ross, M.D.]2002 Award Winner
Gilbert Ross, MD

For lifelong contributions to the science and practice of urology, especially his dedication to the education of students, residents, and colleagues

[photo-Donald S. Coffey, M.D.]2001 Award Winner
Donald S. Coffey, MD

To recognize his lifetime career achievements in urology

[photo-Robert P. Gibbons, M.D.]2001 Award Winner
Robert P. Gibbons, MD

To recognize his lifetime career achievements in urology through his work in carcinoma of the prostate.

[photo-Victor A. Politano, M.D.]2000 Award Winner
Victor A. Politano, MD

For his recognized lifetime career achievements in urological education, research, clinical innovation, and succesful productivity in the AUA.

[photo-Richard T. Turner-Warwick, M.D.]2000 Award Winner
Richard T. Turner-Warwick, MD

For his recognized lifetime career achievements in the area of reconstructive urethral surgery.

[photo-W. Hardy Hendren III, M.D.]1999 Award Winner
W. Hardy Hendren III, MD

For his contributions to the treatment of urologic disease in children

[photo-Harry E. Lichtwardt, M.D.]1999 Award Winner
Harry E. Lichtwardt, MD

In recogntion of his service as Historian of the AUA.

[photo-Lester Persky, M.D.]1998 Award Winner
Lester Persky, MD

For his contributions to urologic education and research

[photo-Julian S. Ansell, M.D.]1997 Award Winner
Julian S. Ansell, MD

For contributions to urologic education and research.

[photo-James A. Roberts, M.D.]1997 Award Winner
James A. Roberts, MD

For his contributions in basic urologic care.

[photo-Lowell R. King, M.D.]1996 Award Winner
Lowell R. King, MD

[photo-Emil A. Tanagho, M.D.]1996 Award Winner
Emil A. Tanagho, MD

[photo-Professor Geoffrey Chisholm]1995 Award Winner
Professor Geoffrey Chisholm

[photo-James F. Glenn, M.D.]1994 Award Winner
James F. Glenn, MD

[photo-Saad Khoury, M.D.]1994 Award Winner
Saad Khoury, MD

[photo-Ralph A. Straffon, M.D.]1993 Award Winner
Ralph A. Straffon, MD

[photo-Victor F. Marshall, M.D.]1992 Award Winner
Victor F. Marshall, MD