The 2020 AUA Annual Census closes this month. This critical survey provides information on workforce and practice trends that is used to fuel positive change in the field of urology. All members of the urology community who have not yet done so are encouraged to participate.  Read more

CEO Michael T. Sheppard, CPA, CAE, discusses the AUA's commitment to the urologic community and why membership matters more now than ever in the September issue of AUANews.  Read more

Dr. Yuval Bar-Or, Associate Professor at Johns Hopkins University's Carey Business School, joins the AUA Inside Tract Podcast to discuss the importance of financial literacy for healthcare providers and medical professionals.  Read more

Even if you're not traveling, your stuff can! AUA members and PMN subscribers enjoy discounts on a wide range of both domestic and international shipping options with UPS through the AUA MemberPerks Program.  Read more